Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Waters of Baptism

Last Sunday, we were totally blessed to watch our daughter, Rebekah, be baptised.  She had made the decision to be obedient to the call of baptism when they announced the upcoming baptism service in November.  We believe that baptism is a public confession of faith. We use full immersion in water to signify death to our old selves (being put under the water, or the "grave") and coming up into new life in Jesus. He has made us a new creation. Just as Jesus went to the grave after He died for our sins, then He was raised back up to life.  We do not believe baptism offers any salvation, that only comes through faith in Jesus, but we do this as a public declaration that we have believed in Jesus Christ for eternal salvation.

“We were therefore buried with Him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” If we have been united with Him like this in His death, we will certainly also be united with Him in His resurrection.” Romans 6:4-5

Rebekah asked me and our youth pastor to speak on her behalf. That was hard for me. I almost lost it a couple times, but I did manage to keep the tears at bay. Well, only until I looked over at her a short while after she was baptised and she was positively glowing! I started to struggle very hard with the tears then.

My mom was able to come all the way out from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It was so nice to have her here.

Here are some pictures from the service;

Pastor Matt challenging Rebekah to keep walking with the Lord. Larry helped with the dunking part. (And he was not as successful as me at keeping the tears away:)

I LOVE this picture! Look at how happy Rebekah is.


We all had fun with my mom while she was here too;

It was a great weekend! One that we will always remember.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Holidays

I just wanted to share some pictures of how we spent our holidays.  We had so many happenings this Christmas. It was so fun! Our kids put on a play for us with the kids from another family, Rebekah was in choir again and had beautiful performances, Jacob was in the Kid's Program at church.  We were supposed to be singing Christmas Carols and handing out sugar cookies at the elderly care home on Christmas morning, but Ben caught chickenpox from our friends  and, of course, they wouldn't let even some of us go. He was so happy to have chickenpox! Because we were going to get him vaccinated this year and he does not like vaccinations.  He didn't complain once or even scratch once, so luckily, he must have had a mild case. Christmas day was the first day he felt a little better.  We spent Christmas day with just us. It was nice.

We had a HUGE bon fire on New Years Eve. We burnt all the trees Larry had pushed down on our property the first year we moved here.  A couple of families from the neighbourhood stopped by.

The boys in the play they did with their friends.  It was really cool.

First thing Christmas morning. I'm hiding my face. Too early.

Ben bought this pool table for Jacob for Christmas. This year we all had to buy our presents for each other at the thrift store or garage sales with a $10 budget. We all got some pretty amazing gifts and it was fun looking throughout the year for just the right thing.

This is what Larry bought with his Christmas money from his parents. It's some kind of roller thing for going under cars.

On December 27th, Larry's sister and her husband came up for a visit. We were so happy!!! They were the only family we saw over the holidays.

Getting the bon fire going on New Year's.

The holidays are over and we are back into school and trying to get everything back to normal around here. Although, we have one more distraction for the next 4 days, my mom is coming all the way from Vancouver Island, British Columbia for a visit. We couldn't be more excited!

God bless.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Date Night

Larry and I were so blessed this past weekend to actually have a date night.  I won tickets to a Christian Country concert and supper at a local bar.  I know, a Christian country group playing at a bar, but they are on main stream country radio and the local station put on the contest.  Their name is High Valley and their goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus through their music.  Larry and I were happy there was free coffee as we decided years ago not to have any alcohol.  (Just the right decision for us)

The kids and I really enjoy country music and I appreciate High Valley for their clean music with a great message.
Here are a few of their videos;


After they fed us and we enjoyed the concert, we were able to meet the 2 main brothers in the band.  It was lots of fun.

Here are some pictures of our night;

Curtis and Brad Rempel, AKA High Valley

Larry and I.

Monday, November 17, 2014

"Scrap booked" Guest Book

I wanted to share this idea I came up with a few years ago for a scrap booked guest book.  I really wanted to have a guest book, but I thought what a great idea to take a picture of the guests and add it to the page they signed. I wish I actually did scrapbook, but I'm happy with how it looks.  I love how it captures precious memories of visits. I actually had misplaced it when we moved here 2 years ago and just found it in time for my cousin's visit.

This is the first page of the guest book.  It is when my cousin and her family came for a visit 5 years ago.

Me and my mom on one of her visits at the farmer's market.
Of course anyone could make this look nicer than me, but I really like looking through it and thinking of those lovely visits.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bee's Wax Christmas Ornaments

My cousin Amy brought a crock pot full of bee's wax on her visit last weekend.  We wanted to make a few projects with it.  When I went downstairs to find candle wick to make candles, I found a Christmas chocolate mold instead and I thought to make ornaments with it.

Once the wax was melted, we held a piece of string in place in the mold for the loop, then we ladled in the wax with a plastic spoon.  I guess when you work with bee's wax, you want to use disposable utensils or ones dedicated to bee's wax. It's hard to get off. Once they started to harden around the edges, I placed the mold in the fridge to harden.  The cavities were quite small, so they took about 20 mins to harden.  I'm sure as they cure they will lose the shininess and get a white kind of coating on them like I've seen on other bee's wax items. 

I think they are gorgeous and so old fashioned!  Here are a few of them;

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Cousin's Visit

It's always an exciting time when we can get together with my cousin, Amy, and her family.  It turned out her and her 4 children were able to come over to our house for a 3 day visit. They braved the winter weather and headed out on the 7 hour trip (with stops).  Her husband had to stay home on the farm and look after things. And my husband left on a trip to Kentucky, so it was just us and the kids.

Amy is the one who told me about Trim Healthy Mama over a year ago. I thought she was loony until she told me how much weight she was losing and how great she felt.  She totally inspired me to try it and I am SO happy I did. We had a great weekend of eating on plan.  And we are both only a few pounds away from our goal weight, so we took a picture.

Amy also blessed me with tons of clothes. I am wearing a shirt and necklace from her in the picture.

Some of our kids playing Apples to Apples (Bible Edition). You an see the piles of some of the clothes Amy brought me in the background.
Our time went quickly and we were sad to see them go, but totally happy for our visit.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Christmas Craft Show Summary

I have put another craft show behind me. Yay! Here are some pictures of the things I had for sale this year.

These are tags I hand painted snowman faces on.  I also put a very light layer of glitter over them. I sold them in sets of 6.

I cross stitched these ornaments. Then I stitched them to a piece of felt.  I sewed the felt over a cinnamon stick, which I had strung a piece of twine through and tied.  After that, I sewed on a button.

This is my favorite of the stitched ornaments.  And I finally learned how to make a french knot!!! My neighbour showed me and after 30 years of cross stitching I can actually do it.

I bought a bag of cookie cutters and little baskets from the thrift store and knew I could make something out of them.  I decided to put glue (I had model glue on hand) around the edge of the cookie cutters, then dip them in epson salts. I did this a few times until the salt was as thick as I wanted. Then I tied a bell with twine to dangle inside and then I tied the top of the twine to make a hanger. As I tied the knot just above the cookie cutter, I inserted a bit of red berries with glue.  With the baskets I glued half a Styrofoam ball in it to take up some of the space. I glued a piece of fabric over that, then I either glued in little balls of thread and 2 straight pins to look like knitting needles or just a bunch of tiny pine cones.

This was my favorite cookie cutter ornament.

I bought this canister set at a garage sale and painted the wood lids all a different colours.  I really like them. So did a lot of woman, but no one bought them. I might have to find somewhere for them in my house:)

I didn't know how this pine cone garland would do, but I was surprised that I sold them all right away.  To make them I screwed an eyelet screw in the top. Then I put through a little piece of red and white gingham ribbon. I tied each pine cone unto a 6 ft piece of twine and tied circles at both ends.

I was surprised that all of these items sold within the first 20 minutes.  I need to scout around our property again to find more wood to make me a JOY sign.

There it is.  I did fairly well and had lots of fun.